"Just wanted to tell you guys that the TBA tournament has opened up a lot of opportunities for me including having the chance to compete in the IFMA and be a part of Team USA this year. It's what I look forward to the most every summer and I'm grateful to have a place to compete against the best in the country."



The TBA-SA tournaments (all of them) are the best run, fairest tournaments in America. They strive to make their competitions fair and run smoothly and do a great job at it!! 

If you have a chance to go and compete there, DO IT!!


"The TBA-SA Muay Thai World Expo is hands down the best of its kind. Over 500 fights spread over 3 days, running so smoothly that even the fighters are relaxed. High levels of international competition, and even higher levels of discipline and respect launch this promotion into a category of its own. My Teammates and I have attended 5 events and every single one ran just as well as the previous. Pete and Pam Peterson share such a passion for Muay Thai and the World Thai Boxing Association. They are constantly making changes to improve the event, and are very approachable whether you have questions, concerns, or would just like to say hello. They truly embody and promote the spirit of Muay Thai. There is no reason not to attend this event. You will not regret it."


I just wanted to write you and say thank you to you, Pete and the TBA for everything you do and all the effort you and your staff put in to hosting the best event in North America.  The TBA nationals is the one event that everyone truly looks forward to every year and if it wasn't for the TBA we would not have the growth in Muay Thai in the United States that we've seen in recent years.  Every other major tournament in the U.S. owes a debt of gratitude to you, Pete and your staff for building the TBA up and making the massive in roads necessary so that other tournaments could follow behind and use your model to build their own success.

No Major tournament in the U.S. would exist as they do today if not for the sacrifices and contributions that you all made to help us get the sport to where we are now.  Thank You.


More Testimonials will be posted soon!