I Need to Transfer Brackets

A fighter may transfer at any time up until they check out at the tournament. Transfers will be complimentary until August 31st. 

After September 1st, a transfer fee of $35 will be required to transfer.  The final week (Sunday-Check In), the transfer fee increases to $50. 

I Need to Update My Record

If you compete after submitting your registration, we need to update your registration form. Please send us an email with your updated record.  

Please use the following method: 

Wins-Losses-Draws/KO or TKO  (for example  3-2-0/1)

Please do not send an email stating that you fought and won, but do not include your updated record.  If you compete more than once between registering and the time of the tournament, we may lose track of what you submit. 

I Tried to Register and My Bracket is Closed

Six weeks before the tournament, we close out all empty brackets.  This means any bracket that does not have at least ONE paid registration in it, will be closed out.  A "pending" registration is registration that has been submitted but not paid. These will NOT hold a bracket open.  

For the 2018 tournament, we will close out empty brackets on Sunday, September 9th.  To hold your bracket open, you MUST be registered by Saturday, September 8th and have paid your registration fee. 

ALL open brackets will stay open until Sunday, October 14th. 

Do I Need to Bring My Own Gloves?

No!  Revgear has generously stepped up as an exclusive sponsor of this Championship Tournament and supplies the gloves, shin guards and elbow pads for all competitors. 

Can I Fight in More than One Bracket?

No.  A full bracket will already fight 3 times in the one day.  When fighters compete in more than one bracket, that increases their risk of injury that may keep them from advancing, even thought they may have won their elimination bouts.   This could leave a fighter without an opponent. 

When Will I Fight?

We begin elimination rounds with the largest brackets first.  We place the bouts in the first available ring so we cannot predict which ring you will be in. 

Fighters MUST be ready, on deck, when their bout is called or you will be dropped and your opponent will walk onto the next round. 

I'm in a Two Person Bracket.

If you are in a two man bracket, you will automatically advance to the Championship round.  Keep in mind that fighters can register until the week prior and others can transfer up until they finish their check-in process.  Brackets can change quite a bit the last day. 

Do I Have to Wear Headgear?

All fighters will wear all safety gear during elimination rounds to help avoid cuts. 

Class A Championship bouts are for a FULLY DEFENDABLE TBA-SA North American title.  Fighters will compete as if it were a regular title fight on a regular show. Class A will NOT wear headgear or shin guards for Championship bouts.  They WILL wear elbow pads. 

Class C (Novice) and Class B will wear ALL safety gear for ALL bouts, both elimination and championship. 

I Have Fought "Pro" Rules. Can I Compete?

This tournament is AMATEUR rules. No One will be paid a purse for winning. 

The purpose of this tournament is to both establish more TBA-SA Champions and also provide 'elite' athletes more opportunities to compete in Muay Thai bouts thereby helping the United States Muaythai Federation (USMF) select the best athletes to compete internationally. 

Anyone that has competed at a 'pro' level inside or outside of the states may compete in this tournament as long as rules and requirements are followed respectfully. 

*We reserve the right to refuse an athlete admittance to compete if special circumstances are present. 

Can I Check in on Saturday?

No, we'd love to be able to accommodate fighters but we cannot post brackets until everyone has made weight and been checked in.  

If special circumstances are keeping you from arriving during the posted times, we may be able to make an exception for a later time on Friday. 

This will depend on the number in your bracket and how late you would be arriving. 

Will I Have to Weigh In More Than Once?

At the annual TBA Classic - Muay Thai World Expo, we do require fighters to weigh in again on Championship day.  This is due to the higher numbers and longer event. 

The Tournament of Champions is a ONE day event, therefore fighters will only weigh in on the check in day. 

If I Win a Belt, Can I Defend It?

The Class A belts are fully defendable TBA-SA North American titles.  They CAN be defended anywhere over the following year at a local promotion in your state.  Any promoter holding a title defense will have the sanctioning fee waived. 

Class C and Class B belts are awarded by Revgear as a tournament award similar to a trophy.  They are not 'defendable' but can be used by a promoter to hype a fighter.