How Many Corner Passes Do I Get?

Please refer to the page titled, "Coaches Passes" for all questions pertaining to passes as well as a link to purchase your passes. 

I Need to Move a Fighter.

Fighters can transfer up until they finish their check in appointment. 

Online transfers will be allowed until Sunday, October 14th.  After the 14th, they will need to be completed at the check in appointment on Friday. 

I Have Two Fighters in the Same Bracket.

You are allowed to register multiple fighters in the same bracket.  However, keep in mind we cannot control how fighters are paired in the brackets as it is seeded by random draw. 

If they meet up in the Championships, they will be required to compete against each other for the belt, unless one of them forfeits. 

I Cannot Check In on Friday.

It is mandatory that Trainers check in on Friday and attend the event meeting on Friday evening. 

If you absolutely cannot arrive until Saturday morning, please specify an assistant coach to act as a proxy to pick up your corner passes and attend the event meeting.  We will not be selling corner passes after Friday. 

I Will Have Two Fighters in the Rings at the Same Time.

Our head table monitors the fighters and which team they are with.  We will make sure you will not be in two different rings at the same time.  If your bout numbers are close together, we will put you back to back in the same ring. 

Can I Act as an Official as a Coach?

Yes! If you are a certified, experienced Official, you may also work ringside at the event.  You will be required to attend the Officials Certification Workshop on Friday evening. 

You will not be able to judge/referee any of your team, nor any 'sister' teams.