RevGear Tournament of Champions

Annual TBA-SA Championship Event
October 19-20, 2018

Total Fighters Registered: 77

Fully Registered: 66

Jr Girls: 4

Jr Boys: 3

Ladies: 16

Men: 43

Still Pending: 11

Jr Girls: 0
Jr Boys: 1
Ladies: 2
Men: 8

RevGear Tournament of Champions

When is the Revgear Tournament of Champions?

This tournament is an annual tournament and will take place in October each year.  This event will be based in Des Moines, Iowa on the even years and travel to another location/state on the odd years. 

In 2018, this tournament will be on a ONE DAY event on Saturday, October 20th. We will run 2-4 rings, depending on need.  We will begin with elimination bouts and end with Championship bouts.

Weigh ins/Check ins will take place on Friday, October 19th.

How much is the registration fee?

Registration Fee: 

SAVE $20!
Only $64 if registered by 7/15/18. 

$84 thru 8/26/18

$109 thru 9/30/18

$139 thru 10/12/18

Who Can Compete?

This is an OPEN, AMATEUR RULES tournament. 

Juniors (age 7-17), Adults (age 17-50) and Seniors (ages 38-55 for ladies, ages 40-55 for men) are able to compete. 

It is an Open tournament, meaning fighters that have competed in 'pro' rules can compete.  NO monetary compensation will be paid and Amateur Rules will be followed. 

Brackets for this event are limited to 8 fighters.  

Things You Want To Know...


Please only submit a registration ONCE.  If you have submitted it and need to update information, Please email us. 

All USMF events require fighters to be USMF members.
Please visit their site if you are not a current member. 


This is a USMF event.  All Head Coaches must also register with USMF. If you already are a USMF member, make sure to use the same email address that you signed up with previously so it can locate you in their system. 


Each team is allowed 3 corners.  If you are attending with a larger team, you may be entitled to complimentary and/or additional passes. Click on this link to purchase corner passes ahead of time and/or to see if you qualify for free passes. 


If you submitted your registration but did not submit the registration fee yet, please click here to submit it. 


ALL fighters are required to attend the check in process on Friday to confirm brackets. 

Friday: 12noon-5:00pm Weigh Ins
Saturday: 9:00am  Elimination Bouts Begin. Followed by a brief intermission and then Championship bouts begin.


Class C (Novice 0-5 fights) and Class B (Intermediate 6-15 fights) receive a custom Revgear tournament belt. 

Class A (Advanced 16+ fights) will receive a fully defendable TBA-SA Title and Belt.  This belt can be defended throughout the upcoming year on events.  

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RevGear Tournament of Champions

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